North Carolina Tar Heels Switchfix Divot Tool


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A unique divot tool designed for comfort and safety. This North Carolina Tar Heels Switchfix Divot Tool features a switchblade mechanism with a lightweight aluminum blade, soft grooved handle for easy gripping and a double-sided removable magnetic ball marker. The North Carolina Tar Heels switchfix divot tool is ideal for pocket carry with the “switch” style button release for the folding tool. The quick snap action and the tuning fork ring adds to the fun of using this divot tool. The switchfix divot tool comes equipped with a double-sided removable high quality die-struck, enamel filled ball marker so you can proudly show your Tar Heels spirit on the putting green.


  • Switchblade mechanism with aluminum blade
  • Soft grooved handle
  • Double-sided removable magnetic ball marker