St. Louis Cardinals Last Pitch at Busch Stadium Panoramic Print


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Last Pitch at Busch Stadium Panoramic Print

The St. Louis Cardinals played the final regular season game at Busch Stadium against the Cincinnati Reds on Oct. 2, 2005. The stadium opened in 1966 and was the site of six World Series and one All-Star game.

The panoramic baseball stadium photos capture historic moments, from the first pitch of new stadiums to the last pitch of historic stadiums, as well as World Championship moments. A specialized camera system has been used to eliminate the blurring often present in panoramic photographs. This stunning and colorful stadium print of the Last Pitch at Busch Stadium is 39″w x 13.5″h. As a St. Louis Cardinal fan you will enjoy this captured baseball moment forever.


  • Printed on heavy duty art stock paper
  • Poster Dimensions: H 13.5″ x W 39″
  • Officially licensed